Natural Gas Department

The Gas Department for the City of Lawrenceville provides natural gas service for residents of Lawrenceville and parts of Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Walton counties.

Need Help Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill?

Why did my gas bill increase?  

The variable winter weather can cause considerable fluctuations in your natural gas bill from month to month.  Please review this comparison chart (PDF) and of Heating Degree Days (HDD) in November and December 2020 and this November and December comparison graph (PDF) comparing temperatures for a better illustration.  Please review this informational flyer (PDF) on an expected rise in natural gas prices in late 2021 and early 2022, including helpful tips to prepare.

How do Lawrenceville Natural Gas prices compare to other gas marketers?

We've provided a full comparison of our rates against 12 other gas marketers:  
Lawrenceville Natural Gas to other gas marketers (PDF).

Call Before You Dig

If you are going to dig and you are in Georgia, please call Phone: 811. If you are outside Georgia, dial Phone: 800-282-7411.

Please visit the Georgia Utilities Protection website for more information.

Know What's Below - Call Before You Dig 811

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